Andy  Vogt
About Andy

Meet  the  Author...

Once upon a time Andy Vogt rubbed for a living--mostly on bodies. 
Then she stumbled over a keyboard, and now she massages minds with humor and suspense.

Originally from Germany, Andy has a lifelong passion for reading and writing, mainly mysteries.
Even at the tender age of thirteen her bookshelves were an early indication,
as they sported the entire collection of Agatha Christie novels.
That passion, coupled with her at times warped sense of humor and creative imagination,
resulted in two published novels:
the intriguing murder mystery "Path to Murder"
and the sultry and humorous novel "Secrets of a Massage Therapist."

She is currently working on a murder mystery series, as well as an inspirational book.

When she is not creating stories, mostly early in the morning,
and with an obligatory cup of strong coffee nearby,
Andy likes to mix it up on the radio airwaves,
mingle during public speaking engagements and appearances,
or lend her voice as a voice-over artist.

She considers her adopted home, a beautiful big city with small-town charm
in the heart of the United States, her "island in the sun."

Life Is Too Short--So Kiss Slowly,
Laugh Insanely, Love Truly,
And Live With Passion.

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