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Book Reviews

I would like to express my gratitude to the following people for their recen
t review
of my book 'Secrets of a Massage Therapist.' Thank you for taking time out of your 
busy schedule as well as for your thoughtful words. -- Andy Vogt, Author

***CUTE !!*** by Ellen Hogan for Readers Favorite

Angie is a massage therapist. She is originally from Germany but now lives in the
 U.S.A. She has one staunch rule: she will not have a relationship with any of her
clients, although many try to change her mind. Mostly she goes to clients' homes and
gives massages there, but once in a while she will help out a friend in her business.
She meets Marcus at a gas station while filling up one day, and he gives her his card.
It takes her quite a while before she decides to call him. They fall fast and hard
for each other, but real life's pitfalls get in the way. Marcus has an old girlfriend
that will not leave him alone and goes to Angie to tell her that they are still together.
Meanwhile Angie is being harassed by a former boyfriend and commiserating with
other therapists about their lives.

This is quite a cute book with more of a story than I anticipated. I loved the snippets
about the massages she gave and the different personalities of the clients. Angie is a
good, strong character, who knows who she is and what she wants out of life. Marcus
is a good foil for her. They have a great chemistry throughout the book. The cover is
fitting for the book as a peek into what lies ahead. I was not sure at the beginning
that I would like this book but was pleasantly surprised in the end. It is an easy read
for anyone looking for one. 

***Randy, Fun Love Story!*** by Author Cheri Powell

I always wondered how legitimate massage therapists handled all the come-ons they
must receive in the course of their work. Especially, if they are attractive females.
Now I know. Andy Vogt tells all and does it with humor. I found the book to be an
enjoyable romp that should be on the reading list of every open-minded female from
21 to 100. If you are sexually prudish, this is not for you. Beneath the honest discussion
of sexual drives, both male and female, is a life philosophy well suited to the modern age.
Well done, Andy!

***Fun, Provocative Love Story!*** by Author Lori A. Moore

Andy has created a really fun "insider's perspective" storyline of a professional massage
therapist in a love relationship. I got a kick out of the part where the client asked the
massage therapist for a "happy ending!" If you want a good, sizzling love story laced
with humor, this is the book for you. I had the privilege of meeting this author in person
and she inscribed a copy of her book to me as follows, "I hope this book will rub you the
right way!" Isn't that clever?

***Great Book for a Day at the Beach!*** by Erinn (Reader Review)

I think the cover design is perfect for this book because Andy gives a peek at what it is
like to be a professional massage therapist and all the "interesting" things they encounter
each day. There is a little mystery woven in and a nice amount of romance and a little
lust, too. Overall this was an enjoyable read--perfect for an afternoon at the beach. You
will laugh at the strange things people do and how classy Andy was in addressing them.
And the next time you get a massage, you just might wonder what those walls would say
if they could talk. (But you'll know because Andy explains it all). Enjoyed it--smooth read!


Book Trailer for 'Secrets of a Massage Therapist'


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